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Martha Moran

I've always felt something magical about coming upon a rockstack along a trail. The idea of using more varied stone intrigued me -- combining gem-quality geodes, agates and concretions with boulders and other inherently sculptural "found" rocks.


Many ancient rockstacks inspire me: the megalithic standing stones of Avebury, Inuit Inukshuks, Danish Rune Stones, Buddha Beach in Sedona and old cemetery stones anywhere. Then there's Nature's astonishing rockstacks: Yosemite's cliff faces, the spires of Bryce Canyon, the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, the looming Twelve Apostles seastacks in Australia.


Over time, my rockstacks have evolved into fountains, furniture and other work. A 2013 house fire catapulted me into a whole new area of stonework. I am now designing "Art Showers," with carved Petroglyph imagery. My current shower project features slag and sea glass.


I have a BA from the College of Creative Studies, UCSB and an MFA from UCLA Film School. I worked in children's TV for many years. In 2014 I completed two commissioned pieces for the Hilton Foundation at the Agoura Hills Recreation Center and am a member of the Ojai Studio Artists. As a Reiki Master, I send healing Reiki energy with all my work, melding Eastern serenity with the ancient art of rockstacking.





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